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Water Features Can Spruce up your Yard

Do you have a bland yard? Do you often feel tense, anxiety-riddled and stressed out after working your 9-5 job, five days a week? If any of these questions apply to you, consider adding key water features to your landscaping design.

The most important aspect to water features is that you can see and hear the water offering a more relaxing and tranquil setting. It’s a cost-effective way to curb stress and maximize the value of your house.

Waterfalls, fountains and built-in ponds effuse a calm atmosphere that not only calms you after a hard day but can add variety into your plain looking yard.  When you consider adding water features into your garden, remember that you have a plethora of choices.

You can pick from natural looking rock pools with built-in fountains, or more modern looking arrangements using stone balls or other features. Transform the look and feel of your garden with a touch of water. We also composed a list of benefits that water features can do for you and for your garden.

Water Feature Benefits

Appearance: Water features like water falls, ponds and even  rock pools yield a natural ambiance into your garden. Lehnhoff’s Landscaping knows how to blend the appearance of your garden with natural looking rocks and the appearance of a small waterfall or rock pool. We are adroit at enhancing your garden into a smaller side attraction or into an eye-opening feature.

Sound: Imagine soft ripples cascading on a soft pond. Sounds great, doesn’t it? A garden waterfall doesn’t just look great but it sounds tranquil. The trickling noises it makes like a babbling brook can ameliorate your mood.

Light: Did you know that fountains can reflect and refract light? When the sun does that, you will be able to enjoy the natural lightshow.  Even in the  evening, this serene lighting will be refracted and will dance around the garden in a similar way in which a flame dances in the light. It’s quite a hypnotic experience.

Wildlife: Have you ever wanted to watch wildlife mingle around your front or back lawn? It’s possible if you add garden water features. A host of birds would be able to bathe and drink from your pond. If you have lily pads in your pond, you may be able to attracts frogs too.

Interested in having Water Features? Contact Lehnhoff’s Landscaping for a thorough consultation on hardscaping, softscaping and even with adding water features into your yard.

Lehnhoff’s Landscaping prides itself on providing clients with individualized  Landscaping upgrade consultation!

If you have any questions, please contact Lehnhoff’s Landscaping by calling 443.921.5789 or visit today!

Rob Lehnhoff meets directly with every prospective client to see the space and hear the vision straight from you, the homeowner. Lehnhoff is committed not only to quality work, but to excellent customer service. We guarantee that there will always be a person onsite who can communicate directly with you as well as make any necessary decisions.

In most cases, Rob himself is onsite for the duration of a project. Periodically, during the installation, we sit down with you to ensure that the project is coming along to expectation. This way, we can tweak things along the way if need be. It’s our job to make sure you are happy with the final product.

We have day and evening times available to fit your schedule.

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