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What to Do With All Those Fallen Leaves?

fallen leaves

Don’t let fall leaves go to waste. Use them as mulch or a compost!

Colorful Fall foliage can delight the senses and make for a pretty view, but too many deciduous leaves on your property can become a problem. We all know how to rake, but if you have a lot of leaves in your yard, why not put them to good use? Here are a few things you can do with your leaves other than send them off to the recycling plant.

Mow Over Them – The easiest way to deal with fallen leaves is to simply mow over them. Chopped leaves actually provide valuable organic matter and nutrients for your lawn to grow quickly in the spring. Just make sure to set your mower setting to mulch.

Use as Protective Mulch – Speaking of mulch, leaves work great to insulate tender perennials and root crops during the winter. A heavy leaf cover will also allow Fall plants to root without sprouting. Leaves make excellent mulch for crops, berries, and ornamental shrubs. The leaves help retain soil moisture and suppress weeds.

Create a Compost – Leaves are carbon rich and pair well with summer’s nitrogen-rich grass clipping to create an excellent compost. For best results, layer 3-4 inches of leaves with an inch of fresh grass or other yard waste.

Leaf Mold – Another type of leaf compost loved by English gardeners, a leaf mold involves storing all types of leaves and keeping them moist so fungi can take over. The leaves will slowly disintegrate into a sweet smelling soil conditioner over the course of 2-3 years.

Store Root Vegetables – You can store root vegetables like carrots and beets between a layer of crisp, fallen leaves. Use a cool, humid spot and sprinkle a layer of water without getting the leaves soggy.

Family Fun – What better way to enjoy the fall than leaping through a giant leaf pile? Leaves are an iconic part of Autumn fun. There’s also an endless number of arts and crafts projects that you can get your hands on using those fallen leaves. The rich fall colors are beautiful to behold.

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