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Why Should I Have A Retaining Wall Built?

retaining wallSo you’re thinking about having a retaining wall built for your Maryland home, but you can’t decide if it’s worth the money to just keep land in place on a slope. You’re not sure if you’re going to like the way it looks of if it’s going to impede your existing landscaping and hardscaping. Did you know that retaining walls are great for more than just keeping soil in? Sure, their main function is to make sure that land stays where it’s supposed to be, but that’s far from their only function. If you’re considering having a retaining wall built, the following perks just may push you over that wall.

  • Add some aesthetics – For a lot of people, “retaining wall” conjures up a picture of cement blocks built around a slope to keep soil where they want it. While those may be traditional, retaining walls can be built in lots of different ways. Natural stone can be used to help the retaining wall blend in with nature around it. It’s also fairly cheap and durable. Interlocking pavers are one of the most popular materials for retaining walls – you can get them in many different colors, shapes, and sizes and they’ll usually last you a lifetime.
  • Use it as a planter box – Retaining walls can add a little bit of flair to your landscape. Instead of having all of your landscaping done on flat ground, you can use raised retaining walls to give your landscaping character and dimension. Try growing flowers in one and vegetables in another. Plants will even help your retaining wall do its job. Roots of plants are frequently used as a device against erosion and soil movement!
  • Avoid water erosion – You already know that soil will sometimes erode and fall down slopes. Water is a lot of times the cause of this, especially if your soil is already on a slope. Building a retaining wall stops water from being able to bring the soil down the slope towards your home or the road. Plus, when you water your planter, you won’t misplace the soil that the plants have rooted down in. Your plants are likely to live longer and survive better when they’re in stable conditions.

Having a retaining wall built for your home is both a great beautifying tool as well as practically beneficial. When you’re ready to get your retaining wall set up at your Baltimore home, give Lehnhoff’s Landscaping a call at 443.921.5789, drop in, or visit today. We’re looking forward to helping you!

Source: Why Are Retaining Walls Built?

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