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Why Winter is the Time to Install a Patio

Why Winter is the Time to Install a Patio

Installing your patio in the winter has its benefits, and will allow you to enjoy your patio once the weather outside is ideal.

When people think about getting a patio installation, they’ll often say that summer is the best time to do it. Summer is a great time for patios, but you don’t want to spend that time installing it. Instead, you want it to be installed ahead of time so you can enjoy that gorgeous weather once summer arrives. That’s why we advocate for winter patio installations. Installing your patio in the winter has its benefits, and will allow you to enjoy your patio once the weather outside is ideal.


The materials that are needed for the installation are usually cheaper in the winter because landscaping companies want to sell their remaining inventory for the year. Landscaping companies are also not as busy in the winter, so you have a better chance of getting a lower price for the installation.

Less Damage to your Grass and Plants

In the winter, cold and frost will keep your lawn protected so that your grass will look like new in the spring. This means you don’t have to worry as much about damaging your lawn while you carry out your installation. Winter is also a better time than spring because it tends to get rainy in the spring. The rain can make the ground unsteady, making it harder for materials to stay where they need to stay.

You’ll Have More Space for Activities

A patio serves as an extension of your home, and it will provide you with the space you need for many enjoyable outdoor activities. You can have your summer barbecues and stargazing. But winter offers fun activities to do outside too, such as roasting marshmallows or relaxing around a warm and cozy fire pit. You can also host parties with family and friends and use your patio as the perfect hangout spot.

You’ll Already Have your Patio in the Spring and Summer

As mentioned earlier, spring and summer are the times people want to spend on their patios. This is because the weather is warmer and more pleasant. But if you only start your installation at that point, you won’t get to truly enjoy your patio until later in the season. That’s why getting your patio installation in the cold winter months is best. That way, by the time the weather warms up, your patio will be ready to go.

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