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How to Winterize Your Outdoor Water Features


With snow and ice just around the corner, its time to start your preparation in winterizing your water features. If you take a few simple steps to winterize your outdoor water features, your landscaping bills won’t be through the roof in the spring. These steps require a little planning, but they are still critical in keeping your water features in good shape through the winter.

Winterize your water feature before it's too late!

Winterize your outdoor water feature now before it's too late!

How to Winterize Your Outdoor Water Features

Remove Plants when Winterizing Your Water Features

The first thing you want to do to winterize your outdoor water features is to remove any plants in your water features. If you have water plants, you will have to decide whether or not you are going to try and winterize them as part of your landscaping plans. This can be difficult if you have any tropical plants, so it’s best to start planning this process well in advance of the first sign of frost.

Clean Your Water Features

Ponds and pump vaults can accumulate a surprising amount of debris, so you will want to do a thorough cleaning when all of the plants have been removed from your water feature. While you’re cleaning, you will also want to focus on removing any algae that has started to form. You can completely drain your water feature to scrub it and give it a really good cleaning, but you have to make sure to fill it back up with water before winter.

Remove Your Water Pump

One of the last steps in winterizing your water feature is to remove the pump. If you leave your water pump out, it can freeze and water can enter and start to corrode the electrical workings inside the pump. To avoid having to buy a whole new pump in the spring, make you absolutely remember to remove your water pump. If you haven’t yet started, now is the perfect time to make plans to winterize your water features and finalize any of your fall landscaping needs.


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