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4 Advantages of Hiring a Residential Landscape Company in Fall

fall landscape maintenanceIf you’re like most people, considering hiring a residential landscaping company in the fall seems a little backwards. You probably think that spring is the time to get started with your landscaping needs – after all, nothing grows in the fall and winter anyway, right? Not entirely true. Moreover, hiring a residential landscaping company in the fall could be really beneficial for you by the time that spring and summer of next year roll around (see our blog from last week on benefits of fall landscape maintenance). Hiring a company this fall will get the ball rolling on quite a few things for you.

A Residential Landscape Maintenance Company Can. . .

  1. Clean up your landscaping – Fall is the perfect time to do some housekeeping things, but you’ve probably got more than enough on your mind this time of year, especially if you have kids heading back to school. We can remove all of those pesky leaves that fall, clean out your mulch beds, and help make sure that your grass stays alive through the tough Maryland winter. Plus, we have machines that can help remove more of the debris than you can with just a rake and plastic bag.
  2. Save you time – Summer is busy, but fall is arguably busier for families with children. There are back to school nights to attend, school projects that need to be worked on, fall festivals for family fun, and more – all on top of a full workday. You’re not going to want to come home and rake with your landscape lighting on. Having a residential landscaping maintenance company take care of the problem will help you enjoy the fall months more and spend less time trying to gather up leaves in pumpkin painted trash bags.
  3. Prepare your landscaping for winter and beyond – Trimming hedges and bushes, figuring out which flowers are perennials and which are annuals, all while keeping up with the seemingly endlessly falling leaves can be overwhelming. But it all needs to be done to help prepare your plants and your lawn to survive winter months. These are all things that are part of our fall cleanup service, so you know your landscaping will be set during the cold months.
  4. Continue through the spring – If we get started in fall, we know what to expect come spring, since we’re the ones who take care of your lawn and garden in fall. The transition to spring landscaping will be much smoother if you have someone take care of your landscaping all year round. We can prepare much earlier in the spring months to make sure that your lawn is lush and your plants are producing.

Residential Landscape Maintenance from Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

Spring is when your landscape rewards you with vibrant, colorful blooms and new growth. But after the long winter months, there’s often work to do to bring your landscape back to life. We’ll remove and properly dispose of leaves, branches, and other refuse that has accumulated on your property.

During the fall, removing leaves yourself can seem like an endless task. Don’t waste hours fighting with your rake or leaf blower. Our professional team can quickly and efficiently clear your property of fallen leaves.

Let Lehnhoff Landscaping keep your property healthy and beautiful all year round. Give us a call at 443.921.5789 or visit today to get started.

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