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What are the Best Landscaping Options for Privacy?

privacy hedgeWhile being part of a neighborhood or community is nice, there are times when you just need your privacy. And who can blame you? Privacy is important. Our neighbors don’t need to know everything we’re doing and when we’re doing it. One of the problems that arises with privacy is how to get it without interfering with the aesthetic of your home. Landscaping is a great solution for adding a little privacy to your home, while also adding some greenery! There are many different trees, plants, and hedges that grow quickly and work well as privacy features for your home or garden!

Best Trees & Shrubs for Privacy Landscaping

  • Nikko Blue Hydrangea – If you want a hedge that is tall and wide, you’ve found the right one. A Nikko blue hydrangea will work almost as well as a fence when you tend to them. They are fast growing plants that can grow to be up to 12 feet tall and 12 feet wide. They produce very pretty, light blue flowers that will look good in front of any Maryland home. You should keep in mind that these shrubs are deciduous and will lose their flowers in the winter months.
  • Boxwood – One of the most common clipped hedges is boxwood. It can grow up to 20 feet tall if you’re so inclined to let it grow that high. Classic English mazes were created using boxwood hedges. You can also have them trimmed into different shapes or to whatever height you choose. Boxwood is one of the best privacy hedges available because it grows really dense and tall.
  • Junipers – Junipers are a class of evergreen tree that are dense and attractive – they’re sometimes even used as Christmas trees. They need to be pruned on occasion and will flourish if they’re well taken care of in most climates. Depending on how tell you let them grow and how densely you plant the trees, they can make a great privacy screen for your backyard or even the front of your home.

Privacy Landscaping from Lehnhoff’s

Finding that perfect hedge or tree for your privacy landscaping can be a challenge. At Lehnhoff’s we know what grows best in the area and how to help you plant for optimum privacy and aesthetics. We can transform your backyard into a more private, secluded spot with the right choice and placement of plants and landscape elements. Shrubs and bushes can be used to tastefully block an unwanted view or reduce noise. Let Lehnhoff’s Landscaping help you find the perfect hedges. Give us a call at 443.921.5789 or visit today to get started.

Source: BHG

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