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4 Types of Stones You Need for Your Backyard Ponds in Towson

4 Types of Stones You Need for Your Backyard Ponds in Towson

One of the most important elements of the pond design process will be the stones that you use.

Are you thinking about adding some new water features to your backyard this fall? Although the chillier temperatures might bring to mind firepits or other fire features, water features can be just as soothing. But when it’s time to start building your new backyard pond in Towson, what do you need to keep in mind? One of the most important elements of the design process will be the stones that you use. Here is what you should know about the four types of stones you need for any backyard ponds in Towson, and beyond.

Pond Stones

When you start choosing the stones you will be assembling for your Towson pond you have to think about the size and scale of every single rock. For instance, You can’t put a 200-pound monster around a pond that is only 10 feet wide. It’ll look bizarre and out of place. So when you’re choosing the elements for your new pond’s design, don’t forget to consider what your existing landscape looks like.

Foundation Stones

The foundation stone will form the base of your pond. Whether it’s limestone, granite, or some other kind of stone, the choice is yours. But whichever type you choose, stay consistent, especially as you build the perimeter of your pond.

Complementary Stones

Next, you need to find a stone that complements your foundation. For instance, you could try using river rocks or flagstones. If you do it right, it’ll be easy to add these to your landscape and your pond, and best of all, it’ll look great for years to come.

Position Stones

The last element you need to think about is how the stones are positioned and oriented. If you’ve ever completed a jigsaw puzzle or other themed puzzle, you know how long it can take to make it look right. After all, you’re going for something that looks natural, and not forced. You might have to move the rocks around until they are in just the right spot. You might need liners to help keep the stones from ruining your landscape. Some other tools or equipment might be needed for when you’re moving bigger pieces of stone around, too. Tripod hoists and backhoes might be needed – but these can be expensive to acquire and confusing when you learn to use them. Don’t overlook how important gloves and steel-toed boots are – these will protect your hands and feet whenever you are working with massive rocks for your pond and landscape.

Towson Pond Design from Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

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