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Creating a Better Plan for Landscape Lighting

Creating a Better Plan for Landscape Lighting

The two most common types of low-voltage landscape lighting systems are halogen and LED.

A well-lit landscape can really create a warm, welcoming, yet subtle, atmosphere each night, one that you can enjoy for years to come. Whether you want to prevent trips and falls when walking up to your home or increase your home’s security there are things to consider before planning for added light. The use of several different lighting techniques creates interest and ensures that your property is evenly lit. Some lighting techniques will work better in certain situations than others, and that’s why we’re here, to help you create a better plan for your landscape and landscape lighting.

First of All

Firstly, and most importantly, what you will need to consider is your current setup for landscape lighting. Many newly constructed homes in residential areas are often equipped with outdoor lighting sources on the left and right corners of the house. If you don’t have a basic setup like this, you should hire an electrician to do it. If you have an older home with architectural features that extend or recede from a standard straight-line layout across the front, you might consider installing additional light sources to highlight these areas. If you are only interested in lighting something specific like a walkway, you may find that you can accomplish that effectively with ground lighting or a combination of high and low lights for the best results.

Landscape Lighting Options

The two most common types of low-voltage landscape lighting systems are halogen and LED. While the initial cost of LED is higher than halogen, LED lighting can save you money in the long run, with long bulb life, as well as reduced electricity and less energy consumption. While solar lighting might be an easy and attractive option, it might not create the effect you want to achieve. The sun powers solar lights often producing a dim glow. On cloudy days, they won’t soak up enough sunlight to work. You have no control over when they turn on or off. Most solar products are also made of inexpensive plastic, which doesn’t hold up well in colder, extreme climates.

Light Up the Night with Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

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