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4th of July Flowers for Your Garden

4th of july

Red and white Salvia flowers with blue Veronica.

4th of July is the most American day of the year. It’s a holiday for commemorating the declaration of independence by the original thirteen colonies and the birth of our nation as we know it today. And what better way to express your American pride than through the intersection of patriotism and landscaping? Here are a few design ideas and tips to make your summer home a monument to modern American patriotism.

Red Flowers

Red flowers are the easiest to work with. Red Geraniums are a common choice because they hold up well and require relatively little maintenance. Red salvia or “scarlet sage” is another option. Salvia are popular for their showy height and spiked shape. Red snapdragons a great choice for growing in cooler weather.

White Flowers

Sweet white Alyssum flowers are a fragrant plant with four distinct petals. They have an almost square-like appearance and can grow in colder regions. White Petunias are an excellent and popular landscaping flower. They’re also more tolerant of heat so you won’t have to water them quite as frequently. White Heliotropes are another intensely fragrant option that some say is reminiscent of vanilla or apple pie.

Blue Flowers

Blue flowers are the least cooperative and the trickiest of the bunch. Bluish lavender flowers or even light purple can be a suitable substitute. The fuzzy blue Ageratum is likely the most convenient option. The Ageratum is easy to grow, but also susceptible to dying off early in northern regions. The gorgeous blue Lobelia is another option, but will require a lot of moisture to maintain.

Choose Annuals

While there are many red, white, and blue perennial plants and shrubs, annual plants should be your go to choice for this project. Why? You can count on annuals to be in bloom for next year’s 4th of July of course! Annuals are also cheaper and typically boast a longer blooming period, so you can install them early without fear of them dying off too soon.

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