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Summer Lawn Care Tips


Keep your lawn lush and green this summer with proper lawn care practices.

It’s hot. It’s dry. It’s summer. Summer is finally here, and making sure your lawn stays green and healthy has never been more important. Whether it’s barbecues, parties, or just the kids running over it all day, you’ll want to make sure your lawn can withstand the elements and remain in excellent condition all summer long. Here are some lawn care tips to get you started.

Water Appropriately

Your lawn should get at least one inch of water per week, more if heat is severe. You can use a rain gauge to determine how much water your lawn has received naturally. You should also make sure that water is penetrating your lawn at least 6 to 8 inches beneath the soil. Use a screwdriver to probe your soil’s moisture. Water earlier in the day and use low hanging sprinkler heads to avoid evaporation and fungal growth. Proper watering is crucial to lawn care.

Mow Often

Mow your lawn regularly to keep your grass healthier and prevent smothering of the grass. You should cut no more than ⅓ of the grass blade at a time. Mulch your grass clippings and make sure your mower blades are sharp. You want your mower to cut your grass, not tear it to shreds. Proper lawn care will help minimize stress on your lawn during the hottest days of the year.

Don’t Overdo the Fertilizer

Applying too much fertilizer during the heat of summer can burn your lawn and make it struggle in hot summer weather. It’s best to try and stop fertilizing altogether 30 days before summer temperatures kick in. Some organic, slow release fertilizers can be used as they are far less likely to burn your lawn.

Remove Storm Debris

Homeowners often overlook the need to pick up their yard after a storm. Scattered tree limbs and storm debris can damage your lawn if left unattended. Getting rid of storm debris and dead tree limbs is good lawn care.

Fight Weeds

Good lawn care means fighting off pests. Weeds should be dealt with during the summer before they can bloom and disperse new seed for next year. Use postemergent herbicides sparingly during cooler days to kill broadleaf weeds without harming your turf. Remember, any chemical product on your lawn can be damaging to heat stressed grass, so take care to use only as needed.

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