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5 Eco-Friendly Planting Ideas For Your Glyndon Home


Here are five gardening ideas for how you can make your Glyndon home landscaping more eco-friendly.

We all want to be more eco-friendly and try to “go green” and one way to do it is right in our own backyard, literally. Here are five gardening ideas for how you can make your Glyndon home landscaping more eco-friendly.

Swap Out the Grass

Grass may be the quintessential yard cover, but it requires a lot of water and a lot of work to maintain. Swap out the grass for other material: hardscaping, like rocks and pavers, or plants, like wildflowers or low-maintenance ground covers. You will use less energy and resources (gas or electricity) because you won’t have to mow all the time, and your lawn will stay beautiful without constant watering.

Plant More Trees

Trees give so much back to us without asking for a whole lot in return. They help purify the air around them, provide shade, and secure the ground against erosion. Planting a young tree is fairly easy, and once you have them started they don’t take a ton of work. But their eco-friendly benefits are awesome!

Start a Compost Pile

What is composting? It is when you take your kitchen scraps and turn them into nutrient-rich food to add to your soil to supplement mulch. Most of your kitchen scraps can be composted (fruit and vegetable skins and cores, for example) as well as some yard waste like leaves. Then it is just a matter of letting it all break down in the pile or the bin. In the end, you’ll have rich compost to add to your dirt and you will have sent less trash to the landfill.

Get a Rain Barrel

A rain barrel is a way to catch and re-use rainwater instead of watering your garden from the hose. You’ll be helping the environment and saving money on your water bill. You can buy a rain barrel, or there are lots of tutorials to make one yourself. Another way to go green when watering your garden is to do it during the coolest part of the day. This way, less of the water immediately evaporates before the plant can even use it.

Use Fewer Chemicals

If you currently use a lot of chemical products on your yard and garden, consider swapping them out for more natural alternatives. There are natural fertilizer options, like composting mentioned above, but there are also natural pesticide and herbicide alternatives that you could try.

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