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How To Create A French Garden For Your Maryland Home

Are you ready to update your landscape? Call Lenhoff's Landscaping!

Are you ready to update your landscape? Call Lehnhoff’s Landscaping!

Everyone desires a beautiful and unique look for their home garden. For their landscape, they want an appearance that no visitors will ever forget and that their neighbors will want to imitate. If you are looking for that stunning new, unique look for your Maryland home then it is time for you to consider creating a French garden for your landscape design. By focusing on symmetry and order, a French garden creates a formal look for your landscape that focuses on a centerpiece for the garden and leaves an incredible impression on anyone who sees it. Here are a few helpful tips on how to get started on creating a French garden for your home.

Remember the Basics

The basics of a French garden are simple to follow and play a big role in crafting a French garden. This means focusing on a cool color palette, focusing on white, blue, green, and purple colors in your French garden. You can easily do this by adding plants that can help fill in your borders. Keep in mind too to keep any hedges and shrubs neatly trimmed, stucco walls, and to include plenty of stonework in your French garden.

Plenty of Stonework

An important aspect of crafting a French garden is the amount of focus that is placed on stonework. Stone plays a large part in any French garden as it is used for paving, edgings, and also decorating your yard to add more to its overall image. Stonework is also great for a French garden because they can help create order within the garden by creating clear borders. Additionally, stone can be used in your French garden to help draw attention to special features, which is especially nice for your French garden’s centerpiece.

Comfortable Outdoor space

Part of the appeal of a French garden is the emphasis of having an outdoor space that you want to spend time in, similar to the French countryside. This means having an area that you feel comfortable relaxing in, and even being able to eat in. This can easily be achieved by adding a few pieces of simple furniture and including an outdoor kitchen to help encourage a desire to be outside and eat.

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