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How To Choose The Best Outdoor Security Lighting For Your Baltimore Home

outdoor lighting

Learn how to choose the best outdoor security lighting for your Baltimore home.

Keeping your home secure and safe is something everyone wants to do, but how do you go about it? Fencing is often a good option, but adding an additional layer of security lighting is a significant next step. Not only does security lighting deter both burglars and disruptive animals like raccoons, but it will help make navigating your home at night safer for you and your loved ones as well. With the perfect lighting system, coming home late at night won’t result in tripping over shrubbery.  

Where Do You Need It?

Depending on your needs there are a few places you may want security lighting. If you’re considering the high-mounted flood light route, you will be sure to want lights on most doors into your home, or at least one set of lights on both the front and rear. If you’re more worried about accessibility, a series of low to the ground lights along any paths at your home may be the right choice. Porch and doorway lights, along with ground lights, are a great way to add both security and decorative lighting all at once.   

What Does It Need To Withstand?

As you decide on the type of lighting, you’re looking for it’s essential to consider the conditions it will be exposed to. If your lighting is fully covered versus out in the open, it will need very different things. When out in the open your lighting fixtures must be completely waterproof, not only is this a safety issue but having the right grade will make your lighting last longer as well. Any lighting that is covered but still outside, like a light fixture in a porch or overhang, may not need to be waterproof but should still be rated for damp conditions just in case.  

When Should It Be One?

With new lighting technology consumers have more customization options than ever. If you merely want your lighting to be on when you’re around a simple switch setting will do. Other options include timers so that your lighting will be on and off when you want it. Alternatively, a motion detection system is excellent if you don’t want your lights on all the time.   

Do You Need Extra Features?

If you’re using a lighting system controlled by automatic means, as with a timing system, you may need to consider the type of bulbs you will be using. Often, these systems don’t use full power right away and need bulbs with dimming capabilities. As you begin to look at options, you may also consider the style of fixtures you’ll be using, the type of light you want to cast, and the environmental friendliness of your system. Using energy efficient bulbs, or solar powered walkway lights is a great way to cut down on the impact of your system. If you want to do more, speak with your landscape designer to check how you can minimize your light pollution levels too. Adding a cap to your lighting for instance, so that it shines down and out but not up, can be very beneficial to night-time animals like bats and owls.    

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