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5 Reasons to Plant in the Fall

Fall Landscaping Trends in Baltimore

Fall is the perfect time for planting!

Fall is a season that people associate with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and leaves changing color. But this time is not only a time for holidays and changing landscapes. It’s actually an excellent time for planting. Fall provides a unique set of circumstances that you can use to your advantage. Here are five reasons why you should consider planting in the fall.

Good Soil Conditions

During the fall, the soil is not entirely frozen, and early in the season, the soil is even a bit warm. This is good because it provides a suitable environment to do your planting. After the first frost, it won’t be as ideal, but before this time it’s perfect for planting.


Active Roots

During this time, plants’ roots are active because they’re trying to build themselves up below the surface. This is helpful because your plants will be better equipped to utilize the water and nutrients they get from the the ground. Building roots during the fall will result in them being stronger when spring comes around, which is a great benefit.


Fewer Problems With Weeds

During the fall, weeds aren’t as active as they are in the spring and summer, which is a great situation for your plants. Weeds take up nutrients from your plants and can cause them to die. Introducing plants at a time when weeds are more dormant can help them be more successful as time goes on.



Fall is usually rainy, which can provide your plants with the moisture they need to grow and thrive. However, even though it will probably rain a good amount, it’s important for you to supplement the water your plants receive as necessary.


Set Up For Future Success

Planting in the fall is a great step to take if you want healthy plants in the spring. Some people take this season off and resume their garden maintenance in the spring. However, doing this means missing out on a great opportunity to set up your garden for future success. Planting in the fall allows you to get a head start on your garden’s vitality, and ensures your spring will be a fruitful one

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