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5 Fall Lawn Care Tips

Keep your lawn looking great this Fall with these 5 tips!

Many people don’t realize that fall is the perfect time to maintain your lawn and set it up for future growth! Fall is a season with a good mixture of moisture and sunlight, which makes it a great time to take steps to make your lawn grow. Here are five tips you can use to care for your lawn in the fall.


It’s important to add fertilizer to your lawn during the fall because it will provide your lawn with the nutrients needed to survive the coldest parts of the year. Fertilizers will not only provide your lawn with energy, but they will also protect the roots of your grass which will be very helpful in the winter. It’s important to conduct a test of your lawn’s soil so you can see which nutrients its deficient in, and choose your fertilizer accordingly.


Weeding & Raking

It’s important to clear your lawn of weeds and leaves so your lawn can have the resources it needs to grow. Weeds can take up valuable water and nutrients that your lawn could use to grow. Leaves can also block the sun from reaching your lawn by creating a layer on top of it so it’s a great idea to clear your lawn.


Continue Mowing

Even though summertime is over, it’s still important to keep mowing your lawn. It’s vital to make sure you mow your lawn to a height that allows it to avoid issues. Letting it grow too long makes it susceptible to being matted and cutting it too short can take away its ability to survive winter’s harsh conditions. Ideally, you should keep your lawn 2 ½ to 3 inches long for best results.


Keep Watering

As the weather gets more rainy, some people place less importance on watering their lawns. However, it’s important to make sure your lawn is adequately watered. Rainfall is not a substitute for watering because it may not be hydrating your lawn as well as you think it does. You can use a rain gauge to see whether your lawn is getting enough water (about an inch per week) and water your lawn accordingly.


Start Seeding

Fall is a great time to seed your lawn because it’s a time where there is adequate moisture and the sunlight is not too intense. It’s important to make sure you’re not just pouring seed on your lawn without ensuring it’s in the right place. Seed needs to be placed in the soil and exposed to enough moisture to start growing before it gets too cold.


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