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Winterizing Your Lawn


It’s important to get your lawn ready for winter early!

Fall is a great time of year filled with food, family, football, and gorgeous leaves. As the temperature changes, it’s important to maintain your lawn so it stays healthy throughout this colder part of the year. Fall brings with it not only the things we all love but the need for you to take special steps to prepare your lawn for cold temperatures. Even though it is not quite wintertime yet, it is still important for homeowners to take steps to prepare their lawns for the coldest part of the year. Here are some five tips you can use to help you winterize your lawn during the fall.

Plan Ahead

It’s important to make plans to winterize your lawn before winter actually starts. Before it gets too cool, you should know which steps you will take because poor planning could lead to stunted growth in the future. The sooner you start the winterization process, the better. This is because an early start will allow your lawn to absorb more nutrients than a late one would.

Check Your Soil’s pH Levels

Checking your lawn’s pH levels is essential because it ensures that you know important information about your soil like its acidity and which part of it needs to be tended to the most. If you skip this step, you can miss out on this vital information and do some lawn care steps in vain. You can even do this step on your own by buying a pH testing kit for your soil.

Aerate Your Lawn

The aerating process allows for the soil in your lawn to open up more, which allows water and air to reach a plant’s roots more easily. It also provides an opening for nutrients to better reach the soil. This is especially important if you walk on your lawn often because this could have caused your lawn to compressed.

Use a Winterizer

Winterizers are usually fertilizers containing nitrogen that are not meant to promote fall growth but instead to protect your lawn during the colder months. It should be used in late fall after you grass has stopped growing for the season. It is important that your winterizer contains more phosphorus and potassium than nitrogen in order to promote stronger roots.

Do Some Weeding

Fall is the time when many weeds produce their seeds, which can cause problems for you and your lawn down the line. Because of this, it is important to clear your lawn of any weeds before it starts to get cold.


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