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Ways To Use Fall Leaves

fall flowers

This fall, use the leaves on your lawn to help grow beautiful flowers.

As we get deeper into the fall season, you’ll notice that your lawns may be covered with a large number of leaves. These leaves look great and can truly get you into a fall mood, but they also can present some issues. Namely, what should you do with all of them? Raking them comes to mind, but there are many other ways you can use them.

Compost Them

Composting is a process that involves using organic materials (like leaves) to enrich your soil and to cut down on waste. Leaves, which are full of carbon, are perfect for composting. Layering a few inches of leaves with an inch of some other organic waste will provide you with a great product. Leaf mold is a popular form of compost that can provide your lawn with many benefits. Unlike a traditional compost, leaf mold contains only decomposed leaves. It also works a bit differently. Leaf mold makes your lawn’s soil structure better and increases its ability to retain moisture.


Mow Over Them

Instead of raking your leaves and spending time bagging them and taking them off to a recycling center, consider mowing over them. This method is not only much less time consuming than raking the leaves, but it also provides your lawn with essential nutrients. Leaves are full of the organic materials lawns will need to grow throughout the year.


Use Them As Mulch

You can use leaves as mulch for your plants instead of disposing of them. This solution is not only environmentally friendly but economically friendly as well. Instead of having to go to a store to by much, you can just use the leaves that nature provided you with. Leaves are natural and can be used to insulate shrubs, berries, and vegetables during the winter. Using leaves as mulch will help allow plants to root while providing them insulation from the cold. When you use leaves as mulch, you’ll want to make sure that they are dry.

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