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Baltimore Winter Landscaping 101

holly berry bush with snow

Colorful berries draw the eye, and can also help draw in birds and other wildlife overwintering in your area.

Looking to spruce up your yard this winter? Here are three winter landscaping tips to help add texture, color, and beauty to your yard this season!

Bark, Not Bite

Just because a tree loses its leaves, don’t mean it can’t still be beautiful! Trees that have very visually distinctive bark can be a great focal point in a landscape, and can add texture to an otherwise monochromatic, monotextured yard. Consider adding dogwoods, birch trees, and paperbark trees to your yard – many of those trees and some shrubs are smaller, meaning they’re easier to find spots for in the winter landscape.

Berries Everywhere

One way to add color and texture to your yard is to include trees or shrubs that produce berries! There are many species of trees and shrubs that produce berries in the summer, and keep them throughout the fall and winter. Colorful berries draw the eye, and can also help draw in birds and other wildlife overwintering in your area. Two suggested plants are crabapples and holly bushes, both of which hold onto their fruit overwinter.

Evergreens to Keep Your Landscape Colorful

Did you know that evergreens aren’t just green? Evergreens are available in a variety of shades, including yellow, blue, and all colors in between. Think about adding Gold Thread false cypress or dwarf blue spruce to your yard! Evergreens are great focal points in flower beds and around the edges of your property. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are generally very hardy plants, needing very little maintenance.

If you are thinking about changing up your landscaping in the coming months, winter is a great time to think about your design, and to stock up on the non-plant elements of your landscaping. You can find lots of bargains on sculptural elements, landscaping tools, and seeds during the wintertime. Take the time to measure, research, and write down what worked and what didn’t this year to help you plan for the next.

Do you need help creating a beautiful landscape in your backyard?

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