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Prepare Your Baltimore Yard For Halloween

Halloween-Themed Decor with Squirrel

Trick-or-treaters may start immediately after dinner, but nighttime comes early in the fall! Make sure your yard is safe for all your visitors.

Halloween is a holiday filled with frights and delights! Make sure your yard is a delight for your trick-or-treating visitors, and not a fright! Lehnhoff Landscaping wants to make sure that your front yard is as safe and as pleasant as possible for your ghoulish visitors this year.

Let There Be Light!

Trick-or-treaters may start immediately after dinner, but nighttime comes early in the fall! Costume masks and dark streets will make it difficult for visitors to see and navigate the unfamilar terrain of your yard. Help keep them safe from twisted ankles, trips, and falls by illuminating your yard! Solar lighting in the form of walkway lights along the edges of your gardens and pathways can be a cost-effective and successful way to light your yard. Pick up some Halloween themed lights, and incorporate them into your outdoor decor for the holiday!

Keep Your Walkways Clear

Everyone likes to look at the gorgeous colors of the leaves, but no one wants to trip over them! Make sure to rake up your yard and sweep up your walkways and your front porch. Consider putting your leaf piles into Halloween-themed leaf bags – imagine a yard full of ginormous pumpkins, filled to bursting with fall leaves!

Give Your Shrubbery A Haircut

Leave the reaching branches and the overgrown bushes in the Halloween movies. Take some time and make sure to give your shrubbery a trim. No one wants to go home with a scratch or tear because of an overzealous tree or shrub.

Make Your Repairs

If you’ve been putting off repairing or removing something from your front yard or porch, now is the time to do it! Broken boards, rusty nails, dilapidated tree houses – these are all potentially harmful and should be repaired or removed prior to Halloween night. No one wants to get a tetanus shot along with their chocolate bars!

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