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Baltimore Winter Landscaping Tips

Winter Landscape

Protect your landscape this winter with these tips.

With the latest snowstorm to hit our area, it’s important to follow some strategies to keep your landscape in good condition during this season. During the winter there are a lot of harsh conditions as far as temperature and precipitation, so it’s vital to be prepared. Here are some strategies you can use to protect your landscape during the winter.

Focus On Your Tree Limbs

This might seem like an unusual way to protect your landscape but focusing on your trees’ limbs can be very beneficial! After a particularly heavy snowfall, the snow can pile up on your branches. This can lead to issues with your tree limbs breaking off and falling down. Not only is this detrimental to your trees’ health but falling limbs can pose serious danger to anybody who is walking by.

Water Your Plants

A common misconception about watering landscaping is that plants don’t require water during the winter. People may think they should focus on providing cover from the harsh winter weather instead of worrying about watering their plants. It’s up to you to ensure that your plants stay hydrated throughout the winter to ensure they’re healthy. It’s important to remember that your plants can lose moisture through their leaves during this season.

Shield Your Plants

High winds and precipitation can cause lots of problems for your plants, so it’s important to protect your plants from these things. In the case that you have potted plants in your landscape, you could bring them inside when there is a bad storm coming. For your other plants, you can protect them from the elements by covering them with various materials. Burlap is a particularly effective one because it protects plants without suffocating them. Make sure to never use plastic to cover your plants though, since it can cause more harm than good.

Use Caution With Salt

Salt can be an extremely valuable resource when you’re dealing with the effects of a snowstorm. It’s excellent at clearing up snow and ice, which comes in handy during winter weather events. However, it’s important that you are cautious when you’re using salt around your landscape. Your plants can absorb salt through their roots, leading to issues with them down the line. This is especially bad because you probably won’t notice there are problems with your plants roots until months later.

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