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Maintaining Your Outdoor Lighting In Baltimore County

outdoor lighting

Use these tips to make sure your outdoor lighting stays in good shape.

During this time of year, that days are shorter and the nights are longer, meaning that outdoor lighting is more important than ever. It’s important to keep your property well-lit to ensure you have maximum visibility and that would-be intruders feel less confident approaching your property. In addition to these practical safety and security benefits, outdoor lighting can also provide some aesthetic perks that highlight other features in your landscape. Use these tips to help you maintain your outdoor lighting.

Clean The Lenses

Because your lighting fixtures are outdoors, they are susceptible to getting smudged by precipitation, dirt and other debris. This is particularly true in the winter because of heavy precipitation and salt can lead to a layer of grime building up on your lenses. Dirty lenses are an eyesore and they prevent your lighting fixtures from doing their jobs. Make sure to clean your lenses with a soft cloth and the appropriate cleaner for the job to make sure they’re in good shape.

Replace Your Light Bulbs

No matter how efficient they are, eventually light bulbs will burn out and you’ll need to replace them. Ideally, you won’t wait until the light bulb blows out to replace it though. If you notice that one is dimmer than the rest, replacing that light bulb is a good idea. You could also consider switching to a low-voltage lighting system. These systems supply the power that would be used by a burned-out bulb to the surrounding ones. This is particularly helpful differing the seasons when it gets darker earlier in the day your lights are on for longer.

Check For Damaged Wiring

Weather conditions can lead to your lights’ wires becoming damaged, so it’s important to check to see whether or not your wires are fraying. The problem with this is that usually, the wires for outdoor lighting are usually buried underground. This can pose a big problem during winter when the ground is frozen. The good thing is that you shouldn’t have to do this often since this problem may never come up for you.

If it does though, remember that you should give your wires up and visually inspect them. In the case that you see there is damage to the wire’s housing or to the wire itself, it’s important to have a professional come to take a look at it before you place them back into the ground.

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