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The Benefits to Going Native With Landscaping

native flowering aster

Help boost your local ecosystem by incorporating the native plants that actually belong there!

You get to make lots of choices when designing the landscape for your yard – make a good decision for your wallet and the environment by choosing to add native plants instead of exotic ones to your front or backyard. Read on to find out all the benefits of using native plant species in your landscaping!

A Home for the Wildlife

Local wildlife suffers when new housing developments and urbanization efforts impact their homes. Adding native plants to your landscaping will provide local wildlife with a refuge in the face of their rapidly disappearing natural habitats. Instead of having raccoons and deer munching their way through your trashcans, you can enjoy seeing those animals in their natural habitats.

Incorporating native plants into your urban or suburban landscape allows you to provide protective cover for many animals, and foods such as seeds, nuts, fruits, and insects for squirrels, birds and other animals.

Prevent Plant & Animal Invasions

By using native plants in your landscape, you help limit the chances that potentially invasive, exotic plant or animal species will be introduced into the environment around your home.  Importing exotic, non-native species also brings the risk of invasive insect and animal species. Human assistance has allowed Asian long-horned beetles, the emerald ash borer, and other insects to invade gardens and farms all over the country.

Low Maintenance

Plants like bamboo and kudzu are pretty to look at and very easy to grow, but are difficult to control. They can easily overwhelm the local flora, killing weaker species and spreading across lawns and forests like an infestation. Help boost your local ecosystem by incorporating the native plants that actually belong there! By choosing the right native plants, you may be able to use fewer pesticides and less water.

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