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Should I hire a lawn maintenance professional?

fall lawn care

Lawn care. It is something homeowners and business owners alike dread, but we all need. You don’t have to do-it-yourself if you don’t have the time or the lawn equipment to do it right. You deserve an immaculate lawn, one people applaud you for year round. A professional lawn maintenance professional can beautify your lawn in no time without burning a hole through your wallet. With a lawn maintenance professional, you will find yourself saving plenty of time in property maintenance because you won’t have to waste time trying to figure out your lawn needs. A professional will have a look at your property and find out what you need and which resources to use.

Unlike an amateur, a professional lawn maintenance company will offer complete lawn expertise to the table so your lawn won’t look like a disaster area. This is a job task where you really get what you pay for. If you want a great curb appeal, you need to hire someone who knows what they are doing — hire a lawn care company. There are many options available for lawn care, including mowing, edging, fertilizing, weed killing,trimming, irrigation maintenance, planting, reseeding and mulching. With a professional lawn maintenance company, you will have complete lawn property maintenance at the tip of your fingers.

Keep in mind you’ll need more lawn maintenance during the spring, summer and fall than the winter as season changes can keep the lawn untidy without regular lawn up keep. You will also need extra lawn maintenance if you have a pet like a dog or children who frequent your law as you want the lawn to be both child and pet friendly. Pet droppings and the frequent treading of feet can be rough on a lawn. No matter your situation, Lehnhoffs is here to offer you excellent lawn maintenance services all year round so you can know what it is like to have a healthy lawn. All it takes is the right blend of fertilizer and weed prevention to make for a beautiful, lush lawn. Let us eliminate your law maintenance stress today. Do you need help creating a beautiful landscape in your backyard?

Our landscaping professionals have years of experience and access to the latest landscaping tools and styles. Lehnhoff’s Landscaping’s team of landscaping management professionals can manage all different elements of your property. Our maintenance plans and planting services will ensure that no matter what time of year it is, your property will be stunning.

If you have any more questions about landscaping, contact Lehnhoff’s Landscaping by Calling 443.921.5789 or visit today!

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