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How You Can Improve Crop Yields with Concrete Garden Beds

concrete garden beds

Concrete garden beds add a contemporary look and increase crop yield.

Concrete is a versatile landscaping material. With modern hardscaping techniques, concrete can fit beautifully into any landscape rather than remaining cold and industrial. But did you know that concrete has other benefits for your garden? Raised garden beds can help you save money and eat healthier. Here’s why you might want to consider one for your next landscaping project.

Better Soil

It may come as a surprise that the soil in raised concrete beds is actually better than in normal gardens. Part of that is because the soil never gets stepped on or compacts, but also because concrete beds enable gardeners to use higher quality soil with fertilizers and other additives. Furthermore, none of the soil gets wasted on or in paths — all of it goes straight to the concrete garden bed — making it a very cost effective solution.

Higher Yields

Soil warms more quickly in raised beds than in surrounding soil, which makes it possible to plant much earlier in the spring than a normal garden would allow. The movement of both water and air is also improved, and the roots can spread much more easily in loose garden bed soil than in compacted dirt. This means that you can plant more densely than in normal garden beds, increasing your yields. Raised concrete beds also significantly reduce the amount of space taken by paths, allowing for larger harvests.

Easier Access

Concrete garden beds can be built in a variety of ways that make them much more accessible than traditional gardens. Wooden planks or building benches can be added to provide a place to sit without damaging your knees or other joints. Concrete garden beds are simply an easier solution for garden maintenance.

Weed and Pest Control

The density of concrete garden beds actually serves to crowd weeds out. Sequential planting and cover crops will ensure that there is no dirt for weeds to colonize in a concrete bed. Rodents also have a harder time reaching raised beds. And due to their small size, netting can be added to concrete beds to prevent birds from snacking on your foliage.

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