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Flood Prevention: Understanding the Importance of Retaining Walls

retaining walls

A retaining wall can protect your home from soil erosion and flood damage.

The rain is here! It’s been a wet summer for much of the East Coast, and many homeowners are facing the very real possibility of flooding in their homes. In flood-prone areas, constructing a retaining wall could mean the difference between a dry house and a flooded basement. A properly constructed retaining wall will also mitigate soil erosion and keep the soil from collapsing. Here’s why you should consider a retaining wall for your home.

What is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a structure that holds the soil behind it in place. They are typically used to bound soils between varying elevations, or in support of terraced gardens and filled earth. Typically, retaining walls are build from materials like concrete blocks, poured concrete, treated timber, natural stone or boulders. If a homeowner does not like the look of a fence, a raining wall is an attractive option for providing privacy while also diverting water flow.

Flood Protection

A retaining wall isn’t just for holding soil and preventing erosion. They can also deter flood water by directing the water toward the street. This means that a retaining wall can protect your property from flood damage — and not just from water, but floating debris, too. If you don’t want to put out sandbags every flood season, a retaining wall is a nice permanent solution.

Additional Benefits

Think about digging a hole. When you pull dirt out of the ground, some of it begins to fall back in from the sides. Land works the same way on a larger scale — the sides are loose and will crumble easily. If your land is hilly or rolling, a retaining wall will help you make better use of the land. It will also add structure and beauty to your landscape. If your area gets a lot of rainfall, a retaining wall will prevent mudslides and ensure that your soil stays in place.

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