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How to Create a Better Landscape for Your Dog


You can create a better landscape for dogs by using pathways and barriers that direct them where to go.

Dogs fit naturally with the great outdoors. Unfortunately, some dogs can wreak havoc on your landscape by digging holes, carving paths through your gardens, or eating your precious crops. Here are a few ways you can build your landscape to better accommodate your dog’s needs while ensuring that your property still looks great.

Know Your Dog

There are ways for your landscape and your dog to live in harmony. Keep in mind that every dog is unique. Some breeds tend to share common traits. Terriers dig, beagles try to escape, and golden retrievers love to swim. However, each dog still has its own special personality and knowing how your dog is likely to act is important when trying to plan for a landscape that works with and not against them.

Add Pathways

Many dogs feel it’s their job to patrol the perimeters of your yard. Don’t fight this instinct. Instead, build paths and running space at or near the edge of your yard. Concrete, brick, flagstone, gravel, and smooth river stones are all great for dog paws. When it comes to mulching, use fine bark mulch and avoid cocoa mulch. Thicker mulch is good for smooth-coated dogs, but mulch can stick to dogs with longish fur and trail into the house.

Set Up Barriers

Your dog isn’t likely to know which plants are delicate and important to you. Rather, you’ll need to create physical barriers that will act as a deterrent for your dog. Small fences or hardscapes can do the job easily enough. If your dog likes to feast on your garden, these could be worthwhile investments. Some pet stores also sell bitter apple and orange sprays that can be used on plants to discourage nibbling, but they are not full-proof.

Dealing with Digging

Many dogs dig, and there’s not too much you can do to prevent the damage. Before you go yelling at your dog, consider why they might be digging in the first place. Some dogs dig to create a cool place to lie in, so building them a shady area for them to cool off in might help. Other dogs dig to escape or alleviate boredom, which might be an indication that you need to give them more attention. A dedicated digging spot or sandbox might also solve the problem.

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