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What to Do with Extra Dirt After a Landscaping Project

extra dirt

Don’t let extra dirt go to waste! It’s perfect for raised beds.

Have you been left with an unsightly mound of dirt after completing a fresh landscaping project? Don’t let it go wasted, with a little hard work you can put that dirt to good use. There are many options for using good quality topsoil. Heavier clay soil, however, may be harder to get rid of. Here’s what you can do.


A berm is a planted hill or mound in your landscape, and they can be used to hide undesirable features, such as compost piles and utility stations. They can also create an easy transition between two areas of your garden. Rock clay soil can be used to create the basic structure. Then add 12 inches of topsoil for planting over the berm, or just use topsoil to create the entire berm. The best part? A berm gives you a whole new gardening design opportunity.

Raised Beds & Potting Soil

Excess dirt can also be used to fill in raised beds. Raised concrete beds are ideal for growing a vegetable garden that’s free of weeds. Raised beds can add height and variation to your landscape, improve drainage and add opportunities for ornamentals. Good quality top soil can be used to make potting soil. Potting soil must be lighter than your regular garden soil, so mix and blend it with other materials.

Fill in Low Spots

Extra dirt can be used to build low spots in your lawn or garden, which will help improve your yard’s drainage. Dig up plants and lawn grass before you add soil, then replant once the area is level again. Make sure to rake the area flat.

Free Dirt!

If you can’t get rid of all your extra soil, there may be gardeners in your local area that would be happy to take it from you. Put up a sign, an online ad or flyer asking if anyone would like to haul your dirt away. They get free soil, and you’re free of the burden of having to move it!

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