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Fall Landscaping Tips

fall landscaping

It’s time for fall landscaping!

With Summer finally coming to a close, it’s time to start getting your property ready for fall and winter. Don’t let the curb appeal you’ve worked so hard to create this summer go to waste. Instead, follow these landscaping tips to make sure your yard is ready for prime time next growing season.

Aerate the lawn – It’s necessary to aerate compressed soil when rainfall pools on the grass, that way the nutrients can reach the roots. You can do this using a garden fork for small jobs, or a walk-behind aerator for larger lawns.

Feed the grass – Grass roots continue to grow until the ground gets to about 40 degrees, so fall is still a good time to feed them. Use a high phosphorous mix to encourage roots and turf to green up earlier next spring.

Mow for the last time – Trimming turf down to 1 ¼ inch for the last cut of the season will help prevent disease and fallen leaves from blowing across the lawn as we head into fall and winter. Don’t go any lower, however, as grass makes its food in the upper blade.

Collect leaves – A plastic tarp can making fallen leaves easier to transport. It’s also a good idea to add them to a compost bin that can be used next year to nourish lawns, flower beds, and shrub borders.

Plant new shrubs – Planting shrubs in early fall will help them to establish roots in cooler, moister soil.

Trim back dead limbs – In winter, lifeless branches can fall apart due to snow and wind, putting you and your home in danger. For larger tree removal jobs, call in a professional landscaper. You can cut smaller ornamental trees yourself  to prevent further damage to you or your yard.

Remove Perennials – Get rid of tired annuals and the creatures that feed on them. Trim down perennial foliage to the ground so that energy gets to the roots for next season. More space means more flowers and a healthier spring bed.

Mulch newer plants – A new layer of mulch before the ground freezes to help keep plantings warm and to control water runoff/soil erosion. Apply a 2-4 inch layer after tilling decomposed layers of organic mulch.

Dry out drip systems – Frozen water will crack drip irrigation tubing. Shut the water off and use an air hose to blow water out of the system.

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