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Caring for Your Paver Patio

You’ve gone and done it. You made the leap and sprang for a paver patio or walkway, and boy does it look beautiful. You know these exquisite architectural additions add class and style to any property, but now you’re wondering how you can protect your investment and keep its beauty timeless. While good stone will last a long time, you must still prepare yourself to do battle against the forces of dirt, weeds, and general wear and tear to prevent paver patio deterioration.paver patio

The first step in proper paver patio maintenance is making sure that it is installed correctly. Countless, easily avoidable problems, can arise from improper installation so be sure to hire qualified professionals or, if you feel confident enough to attempt to DIY, pay very careful attention to installation instructions.


You can easily remove most dirt and debris with a simple broom or hose so make sure to sweep and hose down your paver patio on a weekly basis to keep it looking clean. If you see a stain on your patio, make sure to remove it as quickly as possible before it has time to set. Most can be quickly eliminated with soapy water and a bristle brush but tougher stains may require a stiffer brush and industrial-grade cleaner. During the winter months be sure to avoid over-applying salt, as this can permanently degrade the stone.

Weed Removal

Ugly and stubborn, weeds, if left unchecked, can become a nemesis for any patio owner. Prevent them from ever getting a foothold in your patio by applying a mixture of water and white vinegar as the final part of your cleaning regimen.


Sealing coats your paver patio with an invisible, protective layer that is designed to repel water, oil, and other foreign substances. Available in natural matte, and glossy finishes, sealants will help protect your paver patio from the elements while simultaneously making it easier to clean. If you’re unsure as to whether your pavers already have sealant applied pour some water on them. If the water forms beads on the surface than your pavers are protected. If it is absorbed into the stone, your pavers are unguarded and should be sealed as soon as possible. Sealant should be reapplied between every 2-4 years.

Having a paver patio built for your home is both a great beautifying tool as well as practically beneficial. When you’re ready to get your patio constructed at your Baltimore home, give Lehnhoff’s Landscaping a call at 443.921.5789, drop in, or visit today. We’re looking forward to helping you!

Source: Rockford Homes

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