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Taking Care of Your Maryland Lawn in Autumn

autumn lawn careJust because fall is almost here doesn’t mean you should start neglecting your lawn. It may not remain bright and green all winter long, but there are ways to ensure that your lawn will come back even stronger and healthier next year. What makes fall an even better time of year to do regular maintenance than in summer is that the temperatures are cooler and you’re less likely to get stormed on halfway through your maintenance. The days are still just long enough to give you time to get out and take care of your lawn while the weather is nice. We’ve got some tips to help you care for your lawn this fall!

Fall Lawn Care Tips

  • Keep the leaves raked – Start raking early and regularly. Don’t wait until all of the leaves have fallen. If you do, you might find that your grass has actually started to mold or suffocate underneath wet leaves. They’ll also be more difficult to rake up once they’re clumped together and wet. If it’s too difficult to rake your entire lawn, you can use a lawnmower that has a collection bag on it to make the leaves easier to gather.
  • Don’t stop mowing – Keep your lawn mowed down all through autumn. The grass will get more sunlight where it’s important this way and your grass won’t brown as much over the winter months. Be careful not to trim too short until the very end of winter. It’s a good idea to slowly taper your grass down rather than mowing it low all at once.
  • Seed and fertilize – You might think that spring is the time to do this, but you’ll be surprised to find that most landscaping companies suggest that you seed and fertilize in the fall. Seeding in early fall allows the grass to grow in on days that are cool, short, and moist. You won’t have to worry about your new grass burning with hot days. You should also fertilize to promote health during the winter months and to help your lawn grow in thick and lush next spring/summer.
  • Aerate – Aerating will allow the new seeds and fertilizer to get down into your lawn. It’ll also help your lawn to get more oxygen and water during the fall and winter. There are some great games that promote lawn aeration, you can rent an aerator, or you can call in a professional to help aerate your lawn!

Autumn Lawn Maintenance

Preparing your lawn for the cold months ahead is an important task. By following the tips above, you can make sure that your lawn will come back next spring even better than it did this past summer. Have questions or want to schedule professional lawn maintenance this fall? give Lehnhoff’s Landscaping a call at 443.921.5789 or visit today.

Source: Popular Mechanics

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