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Why You Should Consider Asphalt Millings for Your Landscapes or Hardscapes

Why You Should Consider Asphalt Millings for Your Landscapes or Hardscapes

Here is why you should consider reinforcing your home’s surroundings with asphalt millings.

June is almost fully behind us. If you’ve noticed that the heat and humidity have done a number on your landscapes and hardscapes, why not fix them up? With the 4th of July holiday coming up, consider it a project to finish over the weekend. After all, when you’ve got cookouts going on, your driveway is probably going to be the first residential hardscape to fill up with cars. Here is why you should consider reinforcing your home’s surroundings with asphalt millings.

The Benefits of Asphalt Millings

Asphalt millings are also known as recycled asphalt. What can they do for you?

  • Low Price: One of the many products now offered by Lehnhoff’s, asphalt millings are incredibly affordable. Asphalt millings are created from previous asphalt being crushed into a new form. We offer these millings for $12.00 a ton. The processes involved in preparing and transporting asphalt millings involve far fewer investments of resources such as time, money, and labor, as well as energy. These factors result in the savings being passed on to you as well.
  • Environmental Benefits: Previously, old asphalt was discarded into landfills once it had reached the end of its service. But with the innovation of recycled asphalt, what’s old can be made new again. Fresh asphalt is known as virgin asphalt, but unfortunately, virgin asphalt requires more resources to produce, and when thrown into landfills, it takes up even more room than can be afforded. Sustainable materials are important in our current climate, especially with climate change and preserving the environment being such monumental concerns worldwide.
  • Low Maintenance: Once placed, asphalt millings can greatly reduce the amount dust, dirt, and mud that can be kicked up around the edges of your property. While your existing hardscape fixtures may be in need of repair, asphalt millings will endure. It is resistant to the ravages of weather and time, as it will only grow stronger and harder over the years. You won’t have to worry about such processes as refinishing or resurfacing.
  • Great Aesthetics: One of the best things about asphalt millings is just how they look. Asphalt millings can provide your home’s landscape with some great aesthetics. This material can mimic the appearance of crushed gravel or crushed stone. And on top of that, it can still give off the appearance of a polished asphalt surface.

Installation Tips

To fix up your driveway, here are some basic recommendations.

  1. You’ll want to be sure your driveway will withstand all the extra cars. Even if you’re not having a party, check on the current condition of your driveway by driving your car over it. This test will determine the state of your driveway subgrade.
  2. Inspect the asphalt millings for coarseness. If desired, emulsifiers can be used to help thicken the millings.
  3. A spreader or asphalt paver is a good idea to have as well. The spreader can distribute the millings. If the subgrade of your driveway is soil-based, you will need 3.5 inches of asphalt millings. If the subgrade is rock-based, it’s entirely possible you will need less than that.

Asphalt Millings Delivered By Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

Thinking about your next landscaping project? Lehnhoff’s Landscaping offers professional and exceptional outdoor lighting, hardscaping, and landscaping year-round. We also offer dumpster rental, bulk material delivery, and drainage solutions. We serve Baltimore, Chevy Chase, Montgomery County, Clarksville, Howard County, Ellicott City, Kingsville, Bowie, Pasadena, Towson, and many other areas throughout Maryland.

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