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Power Up Your Columbia Gardens with Our Screened Organic Enriched Blend Soil!

 Organic Enriched Blend Soil

This summer, you should power up your Columbia gardens with our screened organic enriched blend soil.

Summer is loved for its fertile season of light, warmth, and growth. This summer, you should power up your Columbia gardens with our screened organic enriched blend soil. Another new product here at Lehnhoff’s Landscaping, we are pleased to bring it you via our soil delivery services. Here is how you can spruce up your gardens and make the most of the summer heat.

The Best Soils, The Best Gardens

Fertilizers and pesticides are common additives to any garden to improve its performance and output. But you don’t always need these products to make your garden the best it can be. When you make your plants, flowers, and vegetables healthier, you benefit too! When you choose screened organic enriched blend soil, you’re also choosing healthier soil. Humus is not a tasty snack in your garden – it’s the collection of all sorts of matter breaking down and leaving behind valuable nutrients to help your gardens grow. Although humus can retain dampness, it will also easily drain water. You’ll know the soil is at its best when it’s light and fluffy. This means there’s plenty of air available, and the garden’s internal ecosystem is thriving. You’ll also want to be sure the acidity, or pH levels, of your soil are at the correct values. So how do you manage all of this?

Testing Your Soil

You can test the soil to determine its health. You don’t have to worry about our soil, as we can guarantee its vitality. Even so, peace of mind is important. You may also want to test your existing soil to see how well it is doing. Testing soil, whether or not it is screened organic enriched blend or not, will reveal pH levels, and current levels of vital minerals that can also supercharge your landscapes and gardens. These minerals include:

  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Nitrogen

Why do pH levels matter so much? These levels determine how well your plants can take in the minerals they need. While testing in the spring or fall is best, you can always test in the summer to prepare for the upcoming fall season.

The Various Types

If your current soil isn’t feeling fluffy, it could be another sign you should replace it. Replace your current soil with screened organic enriched blend instead, to ensure its fluffiness. The texture, or feel, of soil does depend on a few things:

  • Sand: Sandy soil is chunky. Soils full of sand can’t hold vital mineral nutrients or water, either. Organisms will steer clear of sandy soil and cause it to be not as vibrant as it could be otherwise.
  • Silt: While silt in the soil causes it to thicken, silt can also improve its ability to produce results and nourish seeds.
  • Clay: Clay in the soil makes it denser. Denser, clay-filled soil tends to not drain as well and can dry out much more quickly. Organisms and other important biomatter can’t penetrate clay as easily, either. Your plant’s roots will also struggle to sink in when clay is in the way.

Soil Delivery From Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

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