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Why You Should Consider Pea Gravel Stone Delivery for Your Kingsville Home

pea gravel

Discover the several uses of pea stone gravel on your property.

Pea gravel stone is one of the best ways to accent your Kingsville home’s landscaping, hardscaping, or driveway. Pea gravel is a very effective way to keep your yard tidy, and it’s also nice to look at! Why is pea gravel stone delivery such a great way to get multiple tasks done with a single stone?

You Can Be Creative

A lot of homeowners think that you only have to use pea gravel stone to reinforce the boundary of their driveway or fill in other areas. However, pea gravel stone is the perfect way to fill every gap you need in your yard. Do you want a new patio in your backyard? Instead of using patio pavers or spending a great deal of time and money adding it to your yard, use a pea gravel stone delivery to add a patio to your Kingsville home.


Pea gravel is also an effective way to make a path from your backyard to your front yard, or your patio to your back door, or anywhere else. You can also use pea gravel for a play area in the backyard, instead of mulch for locking in moisture around plants or for edging your flowerbeds.

Add a Walkway

Pea gravel is the perfect way to accent your Kingsville home before the holidays. You don’t have to overspend your hard-earned money installing a new walkway from the curb to your front door for your holiday visitors,  just use a pea gravel delivery service instead! It’s a really trendy choice over mulch, bark, or other materials because it will not decay over time or be pushed around as people walk over it. Pea gravel is also very easy to travel over without slipping or sliding, as the small pieces will provide traction even when it’s wet.

Skilled Landscape Design from Lehnhoff Landscaping

Whether you need skilled landscape design, outdoor lighting, dumpster rental, drainage solutions, or just about anything outside of your property taken care of, call the professionals at Lehnhoff Landscaping. We pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service, quality work, and personal touches. We can handle both small and large jobs and will be honored to work on your property. To get a quote and learn more about our services, contact us online or give us a call at (443) 921-5789. For pictures of our work and more lawn and home tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Google+.

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