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Winter Mulching Tips for Howard County Homeowners

Winter Mulching Tips for Howard County Homeowners

Do you own a home somewhere in Howard County? Let’s find out more about these winter mulching tips.

Do you own a home somewhere in Howard County? With winter weather on its way, one major question on your minds could be if you could add mulch during the colder months. Spring might seem like a more reasonable time to spread mulch around your gardens and landscapes, but don’t overlook the benefits of doing so in the late fall, either at the end of November or the beginning of December. Let’s find out more about these winter mulching tips.

The Merits of Winter Mulching

Although it might sound strange, the intention behind winter mulching is to insulate the ground. That way, if unseasonably warm temperatures continue to linger, it won’t begin a new growth cycle and cause your treasured gardens and carefully manicured lawns and landscapes to die off prematurely before they can reach full spring bloom. Any new growth that occurs in the winter will be too vulnerable to the harsh winter, even if there is little sign of ice and snow just yet. How well have you watered your lawns, landscapes, and gardens? Winter mulching also preserves any remaining water.

How Can You Mulch in the Winter?

So, now that you’ve decided you want to try applying a layer of mulch this winter, how do you get started? Start by choosing a looser type of mulch, such as double shredded mulch. Once the spring thaw comes around, it’ll be much easier to work with, either when removing it or pushing it deeper into the existing soil.

If you can wait until after the holiday season is over, you should be able to use your Christmas tree as another mulching solution. Once the snows do start falling in Howard County, all you need to do is let nature take its course. After all, snow is a surprisingly effective mulch substitute.

When Should You Do It?

You should time your winter mulching efforts to when the first round of hard frosts brings a freeze to the ground around your Howard County neighborhood. If you do it right, you can protect the roots, keep your plants from drying out, and also prevent any possible erosion.

Winter Mulching Tips and Mulch Delivery From Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

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