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Fire It Up: Fireplaces and Fire Pits

outdoor fireplace

At Lehnhoff’s Landscaping, we can take care of both your landscaping and hardscaping needs! Consider an outdoor fireplace!

Dreaming of the spring thaw? Even in the winter doldrums there are hints that the cold is almost gone. Keep the bitterest chills away with our classy fireplaces and fire pits. Indoor or especially out, enjoy your home’s landscape potential no matter how frightful the weather outside is. We will help bring you dreams to life and shape them into a reality all at the same time. Come and learn more about us!


You could always choose a prefabricated fireplace to heat up your your patio, but it won’t inflame the same passions, bring you the same satisfaction, if you will. Custom-build a fireplace with Lehnhoff, and the character and personality of what you have now will shine through. Fireplaces are more common indoors, but outdoor fireplaces can be built as well. Again, on a patio is a perfect fit for a fireplace, with no structure or shade around it.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are where the action is. While fireplaces imbue an area with heat and light and warmth, why only cook s’mores when you could have a small bonfire? Sit around the fire telling stories and exchanging jokes with friends and family. Cook hot dogs and hamburgers while drinking, smoking, and relaxing. Fire pits may be smaller than fireplaces but both can be done to your liking. We can design for you several different types of fire pit, from simple steel bowls to tabletop height.


Our Process

Just how do we do it? Look for more details, but here is our process:


  1. Free Consultation: We meet directly with every client to determine their vision.
  2. Proposal: We may need some time to draw up plans and get back to you.
  3. Follow Up: After you receive your proposal, we’ll follow up on any changes or alterations before we begin.
  4. Timeline: Once the contract is signed, we’ll deliver a rough estimate of how long it will take to finish your project. We’ll give you projected start and finish dates so you can plan your life as necessary.
  5. Project Installation: We install your new project, whether it be a fireplace or a fire pit.
  6. Final Walk Through: We make sure you’re happy and go over everything you need to know to get full enjoyment of your new space.


For more on fireplaces and fire pits, please see here.


Lehnhoff Landscaping – Providing the Highest Degree of Excellence in Fireplaces and Fire Pits

There’s obviously much to consider when planning a fireplace or fire pit, and Lehnhoff Landscaping is happy to be your trusted partner in the process. Because we operate throughout Maryland, we can advise you expertly regarding what will work best for your neighborhood. Whether you’re in Baltimore, Chevy Chase, Montgomery County, Clarksville, Howard County, Bethesda, Potomac, Columbia, Olney, Severna Park, Anne Arundel County, Ellicott City, Hunt Valley, Kingsville, Bowie, Pasadena, Towson or anywhere between, we’ve got you covered. You will always receive the highest level of personal attention, and we will help you determine what makes the most sense for you. Please feel free to contact us today to create the fireplace or fire pit you’ve always dreamed of.




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