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Avoid Lawn Damage This Winter

green grass in hoarfrost

Have you prepared for your lawn for winter?

Winter is here, and as a result, your whole life is revolving around winter weather—if the school will be open on time, if traffic will be a nightmare on the way to work, and if your car can survive driving in a foot of snow. The winter damage can spill over into your yard and landscaping if you don’t take the proper precautions! Here are some easy lawn care tips to ward off winter damage and enjoy a beautiful lawn again in the spring.  

Hold the Salt

De-icers are important for making sure that you don’t slip on the way to the car, but they take a toll on your driveway and your lawn. Many homeowners use much more salt than they need on their property without realizing it. Sodium chloride/rock salt should be applied with one handful per square yard and Calcium chloride should use only one handful for every three square yards. Using more salt won’t speed up the process (or slow down the freezing process). Instead, it will just be pushed onto your yard and cause potential lawn damage.

Don’t Use De-Icers with Urea

If urea sounds familiar, that’s because it is also used as a lawn fertilizer during the warmer months. It has a very high level of nitrogen and can de-ice and fertilize at the same time. While that sounds like a good idea, like many multi-taskers, it doesn’t do either job particularly well. Urea is more expensive to use than other de-icers and it doesn’t work well in temperatures below 25 degrees. If you leave too much urea in one area of your lawn it can even burn and damage the edges. Beyond the impact on your home, excess nitrogen will wash into local streams and ponds and cause damage to the wildlife and plant life there.

All Your Lawn Needs from Lehnhoff Landscaping

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