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Subtle & Elegant Ways to Decorate Your Entryway

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How can you make your entryway unique to you?

The entryway poses unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to home decor. This area is heavily trafficked and needs to be highly functional and organized, yet beautiful. As it is the first thing guests will experience upon entering your home, it is important to get started on the right note. Below are some home decor tips to make any entryway sparkle.

Create The Feel Of A Distinct Entry Point

Even if architecturally your home lacks a definitive entryway, you can strategically use home decor to create one. Furniture and furnishings can be used to create the illusion of a perfect entryway. You can use furniture to create an obvious hallway, however, there are also more subtle home decor staples you can use to give your home the look and feel of an elegant and welcoming entryway.  

Keep It Clean

As your entryway is where people enter your home, it’s no surprise that it can easily become clogged with dirt and all kinds of debris. As the seasons change, everything from dirt and leaves to mud, to snow and salt can be dragged in. It is not only important to keep this area clean, but it can even be used to trap dirt and debris and stop it from being spread all over the house. Make sure you use an entryway rug or tiles that can be easily cleaned.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Changes

Sometimes, it takes more than home decor to make the entryway of your dreams. You may need to add a built in closet, change the flooring, add lighting or a wall, or even a half wall. Regardless of your goals, it is important to meet with a professional to see what is possible and practical for your tastes, home, and budget.  

Order Is Key

If your home uses a single entrance, it is very likely that this entrance is susceptible to the clutter of day to day life. Many people leave backpacks, purses, coats, mail, and especially shoes strewn about. In order to have the aesthetically ideal entryway, taming clutter is necessary. Think about what you need to organize the space for you and your family. That may be shoe racks, shoe trees, coat hooks, or additional closet space. Make it quick and easy to put things away. Keep things organized but also conveniently in reach.

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