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Landscaping Design Trends for 2017

Edible gardens are an increasingly popular design trends for 2017.

Edible gardens are an increasingly popular design trends for 2017.

2017 is looking to be a big year for landscaping. Whether your yard is just a small patch of green grass or a huge lot with an abundance of trees and rolling hills, there’s a lot of things you can do to improve the overall beauty and character of your home in the new year. Here are just a few of the coolest landscape design trends you might want to consider for 2017.

Better Water Features

Nothing makes for an inviting and relaxing atmosphere quite like the soothing sounds of running water. Outdoor water features have always been popular, but they’ll play an even greater role this year in transforming boring backyards into personal paradises. Natural rock waterfalls surrounded by trees, shrubs, plants and landscape lighting are especially beautiful. Some homes will opt for tiered waterfalls for a more calming sound. Free-standing fountains are great for smaller yards that want to add personality while conserving space. And of course, outdoor ponds featuring colorful koi fish are always a great way to impress family and guests.

Going Even More Green

Growing interest in the environment has made an increasing emphasis on the need for green materials. Many hardscaping materials used in garden walkways, retaining walls, fencing, decking, outdoor kitchens, and landscape lighting are becoming more environmentally friendly. Natural stone, brick and slate pavers, sun-dried tiles, flagstone, rocks, wooden stepping stones, gravel and pea stone, for example, are all materials that promote green living principles.

Sustainable Landscape Design

With rising energy costs, it’s never been more important to create sustainable landscapes. There will be less turfgrass and more low-maintenance gardens in the new year. Sustainable landscapes aren’t just visibly pleasing, but also promote the natural balance with local environmental and climate conditions. They should be designed to reduce water needs, reserve resources and prevent air, water and soil pollution. It’s important to focus on planting the right plants that will work with the conditions of your existing landscape and make use of organic fertilizers and pest control products.

Edible Gardens

Getting back to the basics and living a simpler lifestyle is an important trend for 2017. Many homeowners are taking to landscapes that feature edible gardens in order to have not only a more visually appealing yard, but also a way to enjoy healthy, natural food. Plus, an edible garden can replace high-maintenance turfgrass with bountiful harvests of fruit, vegetables, and herbs for family meals.

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