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Fun Facts about Water Features

water featuresYou can find water features just about anywhere: inside malls, outside of movie theaters, in big cities, backyards, as centerpieces, etc. Fountains and pools are popular water features that have given rise to more sophisticated water features as the years have progressed. Since we’re one of the premiere dealers of water features in the Severna Park area, we thought we’d give you some background and insight into how water features were developed and have changed over the years. Water features have a fascinating history that brings us right up to the 21st century. Check it out!

Early origins – That pond that you have in your yard was designed over 3,000 years ago – okay, well, obviously not the exact one in your yard, but you get the picture. The first fountains and pools were designed in ancient Egypt to compliment gardens. They weren’t so different from what we have today, with the exception that our plumbing is a little better. Public baths were also very popular, giving rise to the idea of today’s pools.

Medieval and Renaissance Periods – Fountains and public baths were especially popular in Italy during this time period for their aesthetic quality. In fact, you can still see some of the ancient baths in places like Florence and Rome. The Spanish also participated in this tradition, but it was the French who ultimately took it over towards the late Renaissance period. The palace of Versailles, right outside of Paris, features some of the most beautiful and elaborate water features ever developed. Tours of Versailles are still a popular tourist attraction in France.

Romantic Period – The Romantic period is notable for its revival of the Gothic era and love of nature. Instead of the carefully constructed fountains, pools, and baths, many romantics chose to add ponds and rivers that were strategically informal and randomly placed to resemble a natural state. The romantics also had architecture that resembled ruins, even though they were build brand new, which made for an interesting fountain design.

Present day – Today, we use water features in many different ways. Some people prefer a carefully crafted design, while others enjoy waterfalls that lead to meandering rivers around their property. No matter what water feature you choose, though, it should complement your home and add a nice decorative touch. Water features can be installed indoors or outdoors and now include items such as fountains, pools, waterfalls, and more. You can essentially design your water feature to be anything you want it to be.

At Lehnhoff’s Landscaping, we want to help you find the water feature that best suits you and your home. Draw on past inspiration or start from scratch; either way, we’ll be there to guide, design, and build with you.

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