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Popular Outdoor Lighting Trends for your Columbia Home

Lighting trends columbiaOutdoor lighting is important for a giant obvious reason; you need to be able to see at night. However, outdoor lighting has turned into so much more than that in the past few years. Instead of just being a practical way to enjoy being outside in the evening, outdoor lighting has become a way to set trends and decorate your outdoor living space. There are many trendy new ways to light up your garden or patio and feel like you have the chicest backyard in your Columbia. That being said, to the outdoor lighting trends!

Globe lighting – Surely you’ve seen the globes that are being strung up at weddings all over the place right now. We’re not just talking about that kind of globe lighting; pretty much any type of light that is spherical and pretty will do the job. These aren’t just decorative, but are useful to set ambient light around a patio, especially.

Solar powered lighting – Solar powered lights help you save energy and also help out the environment. Using less electricity means less natural resources being taken up. Plus, these lights are pretty bright. These lights have recently made leaps and bounds in the decorative department. Gone are the days of boring solar powered lights; you can now get them in just about any style. Speaking of which. . .

Economical lighting – More people are opting for LED or CFL type bulbs than ever. These bulbs will also save on money and energy. Did you know that the New Year’s ball was made up entirely of LED light bulbs? Pretty nifty when you think about all of the cool things that you can do with LED style bulbs.

Practical lighting – While novelty lighting is in right now, so is practical lighting. Highlighting your home or aspects of your garden so that they’re easy to show off at night can make your home look better than ever while allowing you to spend time outside at night safely. Light the sides of your walkways, patio, and yard to get the same type of effect.

Whenever possible, you should utilize your outside lighting to make your home look even better. You know you need the exterior lights on your Columbia home, so you might as well make the whole thing aesthetically pleasing. Lenhoff’s Landscaping is here to help you do just that.

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