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How Should I Landscape in an Arid Climate?

When we think of healthy plants, we most often think about one thing they absolutely need: water. But what if you live in a climate that’s dry and desert-like? Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice a quality, beautiful landscape in an arid climate. Here are some of the best methods for landscaping where it’s dry.

Ornamental grasses

While still visually appealing, ornamental grasses are a lot easier to care for than more delicate plants, such as flowers. In fact, they require almost no maintenance at all! Ornamental grasses can adapt well to a wide range of environments, and so they may be the go-to for your arid climate landscaping needs.

Herbal medicine

Many species of herbs can grow well in arid climates. Varieties of sage, lavender, and rosemary all adapt to dry weather, and so they can be a welcome addition to your garden in a desert clime.

Going native

Though your favorite flower may need plenty of rain to flourish, native wildflowers and other plants shouldn’t be overlooked when landscaping. After all, if they’re found naturally in the area, they must be able to stand the heat! Consider incorporating native plants into your landscape design.

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