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The Best Hedges For Your Lawn

Lending the look of a lavish estate and serving as an aesthetic designation of property lines, hedges are a great option to class up a front yard landscape and add a little curb appeal. Whether tall or short, tidily trimmed or left untamed, the hedge is a versatile plant offered in many different varieties, making them suitable for a wide variety of climates. Here are a few of our favorite options for hedges that will spruce up your landscape:

Common Boxwood

An evergreen with dense growth, this hedge can be pruned or sheared to be shaped to whatever look is desired. Though slow growing, they can reach over 20 feet in height and spread for a span of 15 feet if they are grown in the proper conditions: with moist soil and full to partial sun.

Cherry Laurel

Also appropriate for the Maryland climate, the cherry laurel is another evergreen shrub with the capacity to grow up to 20 feet if it not sheared annually. Growing in shaded areas and full sun alike, this hedge can tolerate dry soil, and is a favored plant of many birds and wildlife.


With beautiful blooming yellow flowers, forsythias are a part of the deciduous shrub family and make a great privacy fence during the summer and fall when they are blossoming. They can also control levels or erosion on hilly and sloped areas of a yard, making them practical yet still pretty.

Maryland landscaping company, Lehnhoff’s Landscaping, can plan and plant your hedges – or any other aspect of your landscape – to bring visual interest and functionality to your front or back yard. Let us help you decide what type of plants are properly suited for your location and needs – we make the process easy!

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The Best Hedge for the Front Yard

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