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Lehnhoff’s Landscaping:: A Dog Friendly Garden

It is possible to have both a beautiful garden and a happy dog. Just make sure your landscaping matches your pet’s habits. If you are going to bring a dog into the family, make sure you have a flexible plan with your lawn. By having a flexible plan and being aware of common problems dogs can bring to your lawn, it’s possible that both your pet and landscape can live in harmony without your pet destroying your yard.

Do you have a female dog? If so, you may have noticed some brown spots on your lawn. Female dogs have a large concentration of nitrogen and salt in their urine, and that’s what causes brown spots on your lawn. The best way to remove the brown spots is to flush them out with a  with a garden hose.

If you want to minimize this task, then try to train your dog to do their business in a secluded area.

Animals sometimes trample on your plants as the result of rambunctious behavior. If you have a boisterous dog, make sure you have hardy native species growing well in your lawn so they can thrive in this area. Also, if you notice where your dog likes to run then remove more fragile plants into a different yard.

If you have soft landscaping that tends to get muddy and dirty, your pet will inevitably track it inside. Best way to prevent this is to restrict your dog’s access to muddier areas. Try constructing a landscaping barrier? If you need help with that, you can come to us.

Hardscaping is highly effective since rocks and mulch replace grass and soul.

Maintaining your garden while having a dog is a challenge but a doable one. By properly training your dog and following these tips, your landscape will be impeccable.

Whatever landscaping project you take on, your home value will surely increase. Contact Lehnhoff Landscaping for an estimate on your dream landscape.

Lehnhoff’s Landscaping prides itself on providing clients with individualized  Landscaping upgrade consultation!

If you have any questions, please contact Lehnhoff’s Landscaping by calling 443.921.5789 or visit today!

Rob Lehnhoff meets directly with every prospective client to see the space and hear the vision straight from you, the homeowner. Lehnhoff is committed not only to quality work, but to excellent customer service. We guarantee that there will always be a person onsite who can communicate directly with you as well as make any necessary decisions.

In most cases, Rob himself is onsite for the duration of a project. Periodically, during the installation, we sit down with you to ensure that the project is coming along to expectation. This way, we can tweak things along the way if need be. It’s our job to make sure you are happy with the final product.

We have day and evening times available to fit your schedule.

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Dog friendly garden. How to solve three common dog related landscaping problems

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