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What Type Of Fertilizer Should I Use?

Black soilYour plants need nutrients and nourishment just as much as you yourself do. So when it comes to ensuring your garden and lawn’s health, it is important to choose the right kind of fertilizer. If you’re trying to decide which fertilizer type will best suit your needs, here’s a little information on what fertilizer does for your plants.

Fertilizer supplies your places with the nutrients that it cannot develop using sunlight, air, and water. Plants all need these three essential nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Without them, plants do not grow as strong or as healthily as they should.

Fertilizer comes in several different types. You can consider either synthetic or organic fertilizers to feed your plants, depending on your preference and the kind of results that you are looking for. If you’re looking for an immediate effect, usually synthetic fertilizers will be your best bet. They act quickly regardless of season and will show results fast. On the flipside, if you use an organic fertilizer, you’re more likely to see long-term, lasting results because they actually contribute to your soil’s overall health, not just the individual plant. Healthier soil equals healthier plants, however, it may take longer for organic fertilizers to show results, and so you have to apply them in advance of the peak growing season.

No matter which variety of fertilizer you choose, it remains a vital part of your garden and lawn’s life.


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