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Do You Need River Rocks for Use in Your Landscaping Project?

River rocks

Are you in need of river rocks for use in your Howard County landscaping project?

Are you in need of river rocks for use in your landscaping project? Do you also live or work in or near the Howard County area? Then do we have an exciting offer for you! Consider using river rocks in your current or future landscaping project.

Last week, we profiled pea gravel as a possible contender, but this week we will look at river rocks. Lehnhoff’s Landscaping now offers stone delivery services, so feel free to call us for stocking up your river rock supply!

Why Choose River Rocks?

Popular Uses: Because of the beauty they can bring to any landscape, these stones have become immensely popular. Also, they lend a pleasant, natural feel to water features. These water features, for instance, can be swimming pools or backyard ponds. They are also popular for use as edging materials, or replacing sand on custom made beaches.

When you choose smaller-sized river rocks, you can deploy them to create paths and walkways in lieu of using pea gravel. You can even use larger rocks to keep soil in place on specially shaped lawns. How else can you use these rocks? How about a dry river bed? Dry river beds can help enhance the appearance of a landscape and also keep excess water away from your property.

Its Benefits: One major benefit would have to be the variety of sizes these rocks can come in. From as small as 3/8ths of an inch to larger than 5 inches, the size can be selected according to your needs. One example of a way to benefit from arranging the rocks a certain way is in the creation of a front walkway. Combining different sizes of pea gravel and river rocks can provide an overall sense of unity and uniformity. Also, since these rocks are usually heavier than other types of stones, they will stay in place once you set them. The wind and weather can’t shift them. Neither, for that matter, can typical foot traffic. Even higher than usual levels of foot traffic won’t dislodge these particular rocks once they are set.

What to Think About Before You Buy: The main consideration when buying these rocks is how expensive they can be. Especially when compared to pea gravel, keep costs in mind. It is important to remember that both of these materials are technically river rocks.


Stone Delivery From Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

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