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Why Should You Use Landscape Lighting and Accent Lighting in Hunt Valley?

landscape lighting

Landscape lighting and accent lighting can both be used to illuminate your landscape, particularly at night, or at sunset.

Are you looking for outdoor lighting in Hunt Valley? Landscape lighting and accent lighting can both be used to illuminate your landscape, particularly at night, or at sunset. As we move deeper into spring, you and your guests will want to spend more time outside. Why not show off your expertly manicured lawns and your exquisite hardscapes? In this blog, we’ll go over several reasons why you should use landscape lighting and accent lighting.


Use Landscape Lighting and Accent Lighting to Light Up Your Life!

Aesthetic Reasons: Once you install landscape lighting around your home, you can emphasize your home’s aesthetics. Give your gardens, lawns, fountains, and anything else a boost. The plants that you have fostered to give your home that something special can be emphasized as well, to make the look you already have stand out. One particular valuable type of landscape lighting is accent lighting. We’ll go into some more detail about accent lighting below.

At night, accent lighting can dramatically improve the illumination of your property. There are many different varieties of accent lighting, too. Three varieties in particular are called uplighting, downlighting, and zone lighting. While uplighting and downlighting can be used to bring the eye to certain spots around your landscape, zone lighting works a bit differently.

With zone lighting, you can illuminate some larger parts to your landscape, such as pools and gardens, that simple uplighting and downlighting alone can’t light up. Your home’s new aesthetic will surely be the envy of the neighborhood.

Security Reasons: Residential crimes can happen anywhere. Keep your home, property, and family safe with extra lighting! You can rely on low voltage landscape lighting for this purpose, saving money on your power bills. Best of all, any potential burglars will fear exposure, especially to anyone who might be in the vicinity of the home, or inside the home itself.

Safety Reasons: Seeing at night is also vitally important. Using extra light will make it easier to see when family and friends come to visit after dark. Once you light up walkways and other paths, simple yet painful accidents like tripping over loose bricks or slipping down the stairs are much less likely.

Green Reasons: Be friendly to the environment! Consider solar path lights, solar panels, and solar batteries. These lights can store up energy while the sun is out, and then active after nightfall.

Start Your Next Landscaping Project with Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

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