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Outdoor Living Trends Hot in 2016

Outdoor Fire Feature

A fire feature like a fireplace can prolong the outdoor fun by having a warm place for friends and family to congregate.

Is your New Year’s resolution to spend more time outside? You aren’t the only one. For some people this can mean traveling, hiking, adventuring, and spending time around a fire with friends. For others, the whole outside experience is just a few short steps away. Consider transforming your outdoor space into an exciting area to entertain and relax this year. Home improvement experts are seeing an increased trend in outdoor living enhanced by outdoor kitchens, energy efficient lighting, water works, fire pits and hardscaping in 2016.


Tailgating v. “Homegating”


Tailgating is a popular social activity that takes place in mass parking lots before special events. People gather to cook great food and enjoy drinks with friends and strangers. Oftentimes this means lugging a lot of cooler equipment and food to the space and having to worry about clean-up and transportation home. “Homegating” is the same concept of tailgating, just without leaving home! Investing in an outdoor kitchen, deck or patio area gives you the perfect opportunity to socialize on football Sundays and any other time you’d like. It is a safer and more convenient option for guests enjoying cocktails, and you don’t have to deal with security telling you to pack up!


Fire Areas


Cozying up around the fire doesn’t only happen inside. Fire areas are a great addition to your outdoor space. Fire pits and fireplaces are a great place for people to congregate and enjoy each other’s company. A custom-built fireplace can add warmth and value to your outdoor space. There are a range of hardscape design fireplaces trending in 2016, from elaborate stone hearths to simple movable fire pits.




Keep in mind, your guests shouldn’t have to depend solely on firelight to see one another and navigate your outdoor space. LED lights are energy efficient, low maintenance, and can save you money on your utility bill. So it’s no surprise that they continue to be a trending outdoor lighting option. Effective outdoor lighting is not just essential for sight and clarity, but for safety and security. Proper lighting can increase safety by preventing unnecessary falls and appropriate security lighting can ward criminals and wildlife off in a subtle, attractive way.


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