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Eco-Friendly and Instant Landscaping Elements

Flowers can provide a great sense of privacy and appeal when integrated into landscape properly.

One of the great things about landscaping is that you have truly have so many different available elements to bring your space to life. Different landscaping elements can showcase your style and sensitivity to the environment while simultaneously providing privacy or food. At Lehnhoff’s Landscaping, our team is experienced in choosing landscaping elements that integrate with your space perfectly to meet the needs of your unique design. Let’s talk about your options.


We commend being environmentally conscious in your landscape design. One of the best ways to do this is to choose plant species that are native to your specific habitat. You can also reduce your water usage by selecting drought-resistant species and designing your planting surface to harvest more rainwater and runoff.



Instant Gardens: Eliminate The Wait!


When you decide to take interest in planting a garden, you are likely already excited about the end result and the waiting growth period may seem daunting. This is especially true if you are planting seeds for fruits, vegetables and herbs that you want to use for home cooking. If you want results quickly, the Lehnhoff team can implement mature plants in your garden plan that will bear results right away. Weather permitting, this means that your plants could start producing fruit almost immediately!


Privacy Plants

If you are looking for more privacy, but aren’t dead-set on installing fencing, shrubs and garden beds can turn your backyard into a more private, secluded area. With the correct placement, they can create a natural and beautiful barrier between you and your neighbors.


Deer Resistant Plants

The deer population in and around Maryland can be seriously destructive on your garden and landscaping. While deer can be beautiful to gaze at of your window, if you see them eating the plants you’ve worked so hard to harvest you’re likely going to be upset. Thankfully, there are plenty of colorful foliage and flowers options that are deer resistant. This means your landscape can come alive, stay alive, and deer will move on without garnering any interest.


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