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The benefits of deer resistant plants

deer resistant plants for deer removal

Deer, they are not our friendly neighbors; they can damage our residential properties year round. One of the best ways to keep our homes and gardens safe from deer damage is to utilize deer resistant plants. What are deer resistant plants? They are plants such as perennials, shrubs and flower bulbs which deers do not consider as food sources. The scented plants act like deer repellents while beautifying your home. During the winter it is a perfect time to plan out your garden and fill it with deer resistant plants for the spring.

When deer are hungry, the first food source they will look to is your garden. Place deer resistant plants throughout your garden and along your property perimeter so deer will avoid your home property. The bee balm is a beautiful perennial which can add a splash of color to your garden while keeping deer ad rabbits away. If you prefer flower clusters, consider burnnera , a beautiful sky-blue flower perfect for the start of spring. To keep the flower in good growing condition it will need shade, moisture and well-drained soil. Or consider catmint, a lavender-blue flower with a fragrance. You can have it in full sun exposure as long as the soil is well-drained.

If you are more into bright flowers, go for the golden marguerite, a bright yellow flower with fuzzy leaves. The golden marguerite can survive in the full sun. Or you can go with a low maintenance plant like the Japanese painted fern, a gorgeous fern perfect for shady gardens. Surround this fern with the lily-of-the-valley to maintain a low maintenance garden. The deer will avoid the lily-of-the-valley because it is a poisonous plant. You should also put fertilized and irrigated in your garden as those plants are less attractive to deer as a food source in comparison to landscaped plants. Lehnhoff Landscaping can help keep the deer away by creating a garden unattractive to deer with trees like sweet-gum and shrubs like the American beauty berry. Let us help you beautify and protect your garden today.

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